18 Jun 2008

Only in America!!!!

Allting ska man då få höra om... Visst gillar jag skor, men det här tar då minsann priset! Enligt "The Stupid News with Yankee Pete" på radion så... NOW YOU CAN BUY HIGH HEELS . . . FOR YOUR TODDLER
Are you worried that you haven't started objectifying your daughter by dressing her up like a prostitute-in-training at an early enough age?
Well, don't worry, because now you can buy a pair of high heel shoes . . . for your toddler. Seriously.
A company called Heelarious has released a line of "High Heel Crib Shoes" for babies up to SIX MONTHS old. According to the website, you can buy the stiletto pumps in hot pink, black or leopard print. (107.9 WSRZ - Sarasota)

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